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Cloud Shane
19 May 1981
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If I'm not in your life, well then I feel sorry for you buddy. ;)
...who watches the watchmen?, 80's movies, a.f.i., acting, alan moore, alice's adventures in wonderland, amanda bynes, american psycho, appleseed, azrael, back to the future, bam margera, batman, being a wallflower, being alone, biting my nails, blooregard q. kazoo, blue eyes, book stores, boondock saints, brazil the band, bridges, bubba ho tep, burger heaven, but im a cheerleader, candid photos, candies for men, cereal for dinner, cherry coke, chocolate, chocolate milkshakes, christian bale, comic books, cooking, costumes, counting to ten, damone, daredevil, dave chappelle, david webb/jason bourne, daydreaming, diary of anne frank, donnie darko, drawing on the train, eating candy, english literature, equilibrium, excess baggage, eyeliner, film making, final fantasy 7, finch, frankenstein, ghettoblaster magazine, goofy twisted sarcasm, gotham city comics, gummy bears, h.g. wells, halo, hard ticket to hawaii, harry potter, hearing my heartbeat, helen d'etienne, hot showers, hot snakes, ice cream, indiana jones, indigo prophecy, ink, john cusack, jumping into puddles, kissing, kung pow, las vegas, legend of zelda, legs falling asleep, leon the professional, licking necks, lord of the rings, lycanthropy, metroid, mitch hedberg, motioncity soundtrack, moulin rouge, movie theatres, mr. bean, my family, my so called life, nail polish, name's ash... housewares, neil gaiman, nightwing, pepsi, plastic lightsaber fights, poetry, pretty girls make graves, radio one, requiem for a dream, rescue: the embassy mission, resident evil, rocket from the crypt, rocky 2 & 3, rocky horror picture show, royal flush gang, rufus wainwright, running, say anything, shaun of the dead, silence in darkness, silver rings, sitting on benches, skate or die, skateboarding, sleeping in my clothes, sleeping on my stomach, sleeping on the train, soccer, sour things, sparta, spider-man, stackenblochen, star trek, stephen chbosky, strong bad, the ataris, the crow, the fairly odd parents, the hoff, the longest journey, the mars volta, the pixies/the breeders, the stander gang, the taste of sweat, the used, thrice, through the looking glass, tim burton/johnny depp, time travel, tori amos, total recall, toys, union square, v for vendetta, venture brothers, versus, walking in the rain, water, writing, writing on my arms, writing on the train