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Honors Night

So tonight was Honors Night and I received two awards. One for my work in Social Psychology, the other for my research paper on Artificial Intelligence & Philosophy. I invited my mom to this one. She was pretty happy about being there, we talked for a while afterward.

Mom - "Well now that you have these two awards, you can frame them and show them to Lily when she gets older."
Me - "Yeah, I've already framed my other awards."
Mom - "Oh.... How many do you have?"
Me - "In the last two years, I guess I've received about... Ten."
Mom - "I thought these were your first awards."
Me - "I got the award from the American Psychological Association at last year's Honors Night."
Mom - "Oh. I wasn't invited to that."
Me - "Yeah, I know. I have a hard time sort of celebrating these things."
Mom - "Well it's good to be humble."
Me - "It's not that, it's just that when I get congratulated on something, it feels weird because there a sense of finality to it. I just.... I haven't felt like I've been done with any of it. Like last year, it was nice to be recognized, but I wasn't done kicking ass in Psychology, you know? I felt like there was so much more to do and I didn't want to stand there and feel good about it just yet."
Mom - "What about now?"
Me - "Now... I'm graduating next week. This chapter of my life has pretty much ended. The next one is beginning. I dunno I guess I felt like I could afford to have my family there to be proud and congratulate me this time."
Mom - "Well I am proud."
Me - "Thanks mom."

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