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Trains. Took me this long to realize just how significant this mode of transportation is to me. I spend everyday in one of these big metal carts. I have since I was a kid. I took the train (F) to school everyday. I take a train (7) to work now. I would take one (NJ Transit) to Dover to see Jhane. Right now I'm on the Montauk line going to Amagansett to see Dana & Missy. The last time I was on this line was with Val. It wasn't a fun conversation.
When I stepped on the train tonight I looked for my usual seat. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I stood there for a few seconds examining the seats Val and I sat in when we talked. I decided to sit somewhere else. My usual seat isn't comfortable anymore. Funny how that works. It's just cheap cushion on a plastic and metal frame, but it can be comforting or jarring without you even sitting in it.

Too bad it's nighttime. Can't see anything out the window.

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